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2020 Turkey Partition
Just some banter, don't take it too seriously please
Following Erdogan's victory in the 2017 constitutional referendum Turkey started to collapse. People in 'No' provinces started to protest and over the years started to think about seceding from Turkey. Turkey was plunged into civil war and pro-democracy forces took over in many 'No' areas. Kurds took over in many Kurdish areas and even some forces took control of areas near the border with Armenia and Georgia. The Erdogan government lost the war resulting in the partition of Turkey.

Green - Democratic Republic of Turkey
Grey - Republic of Turkey 
Yellow - Kurdistan
Red - Union of Ardahan & Artvin
The second Korean War - the new borders
Based on this…
After the United States and South Korea confirmed that North Korea had developed nuclear bombs and weaponry to properly use them the United States and Korea quickly made a plan to take out North Korea. A preemptive strike was launched against all possible launch sites, all airports and the entire border. After the preemptive strike South Korean and American infantry launched a full scale invasion, after which Chinese forces also invaded North Korea to prevent South Korean and American soldiers from ever reaching the Chinese border. After just a few weeks both joint South Korean + American and Chinese forces were both on the brink of starting the final assault, the battle for Pyongyang. Pyongyang fell in just a few days with North Korean soldiers and civilians fighting until the final building was captured. Soon after Pyongyang fell and the war was over South Korean, American and Chinese soldiers all left Pyongyang, being replaced by United Nations peacekeepers. 
Later on an agreement was made between all parties, determining that South Korea could legally annex all occupied territories, and Pyongyang was integrated back into the new North Korean state, although it would still be administered by the United Nations for an unspecified amount of time.
Europe with an Allied Netherlands after WW1
Europe after World War 1 if The Netherlands were to join the Allies. 
After Germany cut through Belgium and reached the sea the Allies contacted the Dutch government to persuade them into joining the Allies. The Netherlands would get to annex the former territory of Departement Oost-Friesland and the axis (mainly Germany) would pay all damages. Just days later the Netherlands joined the allies. Allied troops came into the country and attacked German troops inside Belgium and German troops inside Germany, rapidly changing the course of the war. After the war was over the Netherlands was awarded the former territory of Departement Oost-Friesland and a small area near the province of Limburg.
The Caucasus Republic
Work in Progress
The Caucasus Republic was proclaimed after the 2nd Chechen War in 1998, which left militants in control of Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia. After 15,000 deaths and 40,000 wounded in the war the Russian population demanded peace, something which was given due to the politicians in power fearing they would lose said power and possibly even more territory if peace was not established. After peace was established Russian forces withdrew from the northern regions of Dagestan and Caucasus forces occupied territory in North Ossetia. Soon after Russia recognized the Caucasus Republic as an independent nation, and other countries around the world soon followed.

If anyone has any suggestions as to how the provinces (except Chechnya and Ingushetia) should be called, please leave suggestions. I honestly have no idea what to name them.


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